Polarscope user manual


To compile and install Polarscope you should unpack the file polarscope-x.y.x.tar.gz downloaded from sourceforge.net, and then execute the command:

#make install  (as root)

Then you can launch polarscope from shell or from GNOME menu.


From the main window you can choose to open a workout file by clicking the "Open" button in toolbar or selectin "Open" menu item.

If you collect all your workout file in the directory tree created by s710d application, e.g. in a directory tre "/home/user/polar/year/month/", you can use calendar browsing.

To enable calendar browser you should specify in the settings window (in the File->Settings menu item), where you stored all your data.

You can get the entire list of all your workouts by clicking in the workout toolbar button.

In both calendar and workout window you get a list of workouts: double-clicking an item of that list load the corresponding workout in the main window.

Altitude window

Altitude window shows current workout altitude diagram, slope diagram and a list of all the partial ascent in the workout. Double-clicking an item of that list remark the corresponding ascent in the diagram above.
You can watch altitude and slope diagram per lap.

Heart rate window

Heart rate window shows the heart rate diagram (even per lap) and a heart rate statistic page.

Speed window

Speed window shows speed diagram.

Sample window

Samples window lists all the samples recorded by polar watch.